Brian Bonar’s Diversified Career

Brian Bonar is a Scottish financial expert who has held positions in several institutions. Bonar has been the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept since 2010, Chairman of the Board at Daldrada Financial since 1999 and also acting CEO and the CFO of Amanda Company.

Before his current positions, Bonar was the Treasurer, CFO, and Secretary at Amanda, also vice president of Benzier systems’ Worldwide Sales and Marketing from 1991 to 1992. He was also the Global Sales Manager of Adaptech Inc. from 1990 to 1991. Brian has also served in different capacities in many companies including; The Solvis Group, Greenland Corporation, QMS, Allegiant Professional Business Services and Rastek Corporation.

Brian Bonar has been in the financial sector for more than thirty years and being the founder of various enterprises; he has transitioned to a business consultant. During these thirty years, he has managed to amass a lot of knowledge in the business world.

Brian, as the CEO of Dalrada Financial Group, was awarded the Executive of the Year 2010 in the Who’s Who Annual list. This award is given based on the leadership skills, professional achievements, and academic accomplishments.

Some of the skills he has are; process improvement, innovative sales, and marketing strategy, new business development, venture capital funding as well as lead generation.

Brian’s first degree was from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. He later got a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and a doctorate from Stafford University in the United Kingdom. Brian’s career kicked off at IBM where he was a procurement manager.

His role there included outsourcing motherboards for most of the personal computers that were produced and sold by the company. After leaving IBM, he joined QMS where he became the Director of Engineering. In June 1989, Brian joined Rastek Corporation where he became the Vice President sales and marketing.

At Rastek, he helped with marketing and sales of printing technology. After that, Bonar took up a sales manager job at Adaptec. It was after working with Adaptec when he decided to work on his own and in September 1994, he became the founder and CEO of Benzier systems.

His work ethics and dedication to his work made him promoted to vice president of Dalrada’s sales and marketing in April 1994 before becoming the Executive vice president in September 1994. In 1995, Brian became the Director and in 1997, he became the president as well as the COO of Dalrada.

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar rose to Chairman of the Board position in 1999. Dalrada Financial Group has gotten a lot of success by customizing services such as; business process outsourcing, finance, and insurance.

The entity also provides employees from different companies with programs so as to increase their business efficiency. Also, Dalrada Financial Group has offered help to clients in protecting their assets and managing their finances.