Paul Mampilly Advice Regarding Three Investment Sectors

Statistics show that slightly more than 60 percent of American investors invest or own stocks. Many other people are interested in learning about stocks and how to invest in them properly to yield returns. However, what stops them is that they lack the insights and how to start. Investment is a risk; however, you can mitigate the risk by making wise choices based on advice from experienced investors. Paul Mampilly recently offered investment advice on three investment sectors that might grow over the next few years.

Electric vehicles

Things are evolving in the world, and technological advancements have not been left behind. Enhancements are being done to every product such as cell phones. A few years ago smartphones were a rare thing, unlike these days where almost every individual owns a smartphone. No one wants to buy an outdated phone. Similarly, Paul Mampilly predicts a shift in the manner Americans buy vehicles. The car types in the market currently have several working parts that must be well taken care of, maintained and replaced. That increases the lifetime cost of owning a car. However, the introduction of electric cars has made things more comfortable than before because you will have just three essential moving parts to maintain. Paul advises investors to forget to invest in traditional vehicle manufacturing firms and turn to electric vehicle companies, and read full article.


Food delivery systems

People are eating out more often than before especially people with young kids at home and have busy lives. There is also a shift toward healthy living even if it is different from convenience. Many food delivery systems have popped up in the recent times. Paul views the firms as the way food system is being revolutionized in the next few years. Many people desire to have healthy meals and at the same time want convenience. Therefore, Paul says that a food delivery service is a perfect marriage for both. They deliver healthy food at your doorstep.


Precision medicine

Technological advancements have also affected the healthcare systems. Experts are working towards making precision medicine a standard medical care practice. Paul advises investors to invest their money in the genetic testing firms that are making way for personalized medicine as the standard practice, and


About Paul Mampilly

Paul was born in India, but he moved to the US when he was still a young man. He developed an interest in investment, finances and Wall Street. He has been in the field of investment and funds for about 25 years. Paul is the author of Profits Unlimited, an investment newsletter that offers investment advice to over 65,000 subscribers, and read full article.