Jeremy Goldstein Stands out and Advises Young Employees

Jeremy Goldstein graduated from the University of Chicago with M.A and a B.A from Cornell University. He has a J.D from New York School of Law, where he passed with distinction in all subjects. Jeremy is always a focused man who goes for success no matter how tough or rough the path is. He believes in greatness through hard work and dedication.


Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC, which is basically a boutique law firm that is dedicated to advising compensation committees, corporate, management teams among others. Jeremy Goldstein was initially the partner in large New York law firm before he began his own firm.


Mr. Goldstein has been involved in many corporate transactions including, The Dow chemical company and Haas Company, Goldman Sachs and TPG Corporation, acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies among many others. He is a member of the Professional Advisory Board that deals with the journal of law and business.


Mr. Goldstein is the chairperson of the acquisition and mergers subcommittee of executives in one of the American Bar Association under the business section. He always speaks on corporate governance and more specifically in executive compensation. He is listed as the leading executive lawyer in Chamber of USA guide to America’s leading Lawyers of Business and The legal 500. He is a member of Fountain House, which is a charitable organization that deals with the recovery of women and men suffering from mental illness.


Mr. Goldstein has come out strong to explain and empower businesspersons to grow and keep focus on their small ways to achieve success. He explains three challenges that persuade companies not to be successful in their business. The first challenge that faces many employees is stock value drop, which makes it impossible to exercise their services to customers. Nonetheless, the business is supposed to report the expenses, and this comes out as a risk to stockholders, which means overhang.


Again, Jeremy says that many employees wary of compensation method and, thus, they end up scared in investing their energy and time. This nocks many of them out of place since economic downturns renders the operation worthless. A good example of affected businesses include casino and tokens rather than cash associated business. Accounting is the last thing that Jeremy addresses saying that the relevant cost may sometime eclipse the financial advantage. He ends up advising employers to reward their employees, and in so doing, they will actualize business goals, mission and vision.


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