Securus Technologies is the Social Entrepreneurship That Betters Inmates

The leading provider of correctional facility defense is Securus Technologies. Their company’s mission statement is to help decrease the crime that inmates inflict upon one another inside a correctional facility and to prepare inmates for life after incarceration.


Securus Technologies has done an amazing job in decreasing inmate on inmate crime. While they have taken many approaches, the main approach of Securus Technologies is to locate and nullify contraband cell phones.


Cell Defender is one of Securus Technologies’ main products that correctional facilities use. This product uses an array of sensors to scan and locate the different contraband cell phones that are at the correctional facility. Cell Defender gives the correctional facility officers the capabilities of scanning the phone for data, retrieving that data, and de-activating the phone.


Wireless Containment Solutions is another product that Securus Technologies offers to correctional facilities. This product is able to triangulate the position of a contraband cell phone through its use of Wi-Fi. Once that contraband cell phone is located, Wireless Containment Solutions turns off the Wi-Fi option so that inmates cannot use social media to plan attacks.


Securus Technologies also tries to help inmates prepare for life after incarceration. They do this through several life-changing initiatives.


Securus Technologies replaces contraband cell phones with cell phones of their own making. One option these new cell phones have is to video conference with your loved ones and family back at home. The second thing it offers is the ability to enroll in online college courses so that you can gain a job certification. The third thing it offers is once you have a certification in your needed field you can then look for job prospects and secure a job so that you can be an advantage to society once you are out of prison.


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