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The Kabbalah Center Has a Long History of Linking Celebrities to Judaism

The Kabbalah Center is the latest in a series of groups within the Jewish religion that have worked to bring celebrities of all types into the world of Judaism in a way that allows as many different people as possible. Many celebrities feel they have been working towards a more spiritual life brought about through a belief in Jewish mysticism, which in modern times has been linked to the growth of the Kabbalah Center and the success of artists such as Madonna who have become intrinsically linked to the burst of popularity The Kabbalah Center has seen over the last two decades.

Madonna may have become the poster child for the growing interest in The Kabbalah Center but a number of other celebrities have also been seeking new ways of exploring the arena of mysticism in a way that involved The Kabbalah Center; socialite Paris Hilton is another well-known follower of the group and explains the group has played a major role in reducing the level of unhappiness and clutter in her life.

In the previous era’s a number of the best-known celebrities in Hollywood have become know for their support of Judaism and the Jewish way of life. Well-known Hollywood celebrities, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Sammy Davis became popular supporters of Judaism as they felt an affinity to the religion and learn more about Kabbalah centre.

The Kabbalah Center has been a popular part of the religious scene for more than half a century after the latest incarnation of the group became a part of the religious landscape of New York. Now headquartered in Los Angeles, The Kabbalah Center has made its way to some of the world’s leading capitals as the group has become one of the leading ways of exploring “The Zohar”, the ancient book of Jewish mysticism.

Rav. Philip Berg and his wife, Karen have taken the credit for developing The Kabbalah Center into one of the leading religious groups in the world; the first government agency to acknowledge The Kabbalah Center was the Canadian Government that provided the religious group with its first tax exemption as a full religious group and more information click here.

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