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Madison Street Capital Nets Debt Financing Deal of the Year Award

Madison Street Capital is a company that knows how to excel, and nothing proves this more than the M&A Advisor’s announcement that they’d been selected as a winner in the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards; taking home the “Debt Financing Deal of the Year” award.



The Gala and Advisor Summit

The M&A Advisor was founded over 20 years ago in order to offer companies and individuals an unprecedented amount of insight into mergers and acquisitions. As well as giving them exclusive intelligence. The industry’s leading media outlet and a firmly-entrenched leader in the field, the long-standing firm has often been recognized as the most highly-regarded authority on mergers as well as acquisitions and restructuring. With international offices in London and New York, as well as numerous others, they’ve become a global authority.


An exclusive celebration of the industry, the Gala is among the most prestigious gatherings of industry professionals; taking place alongside the M&A Advisor Summit. The summit features more than 500 industry professionals, as well as interactive forums spearheaded by journalists and academic stalwarts in the field. Exclusive to the summit, the forum brings numerous professionals together each and every year in order to encourage discussion and cooperation, as well as bringing the industry closer together.



Excellence In Achievement

It’s an impressive feat to take home an award from the ceremony, a feat that Madison Street Capital accomplished with gusto. Due to their significant work in advising for the WLR Automotive transaction, the company took home the Debt Financing Deal of the Year award. But, in addition to that, the company also became a finalist for two other awards; the

Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year award, as well as the under-$250 million bracket for the Financials Deal of the Year award.


Charles Botchway, the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital, had this to say about winning the award: “We are honored to be the recipients of an M&A Advisor Award this year in the debt financing category.” Afterwards, he congratulated WLR Automotive on the deal that got them the award, stating that he “would like to congratulate WLR Automotive and our lead on the transaction, Senior Managing Director Barry Petersen.”



About Madison Street Capital

Premium corporate financial advisory services are the specialty of Madison Street Capital. They have a significant level of experience in the field, whether it’s acquisitions and mergers or simply financial opinions and valuations. With an impressive track record of getting ideal results for their clients, there are few companies as highly esteemed as Madison Street Capital. Their passion is bringing their clients to success in the global marketplace, and no matter what, they put the needs of their clients first.