Kim Dao Shares Her YouTube Style

Kim Dao is a popular Japanese YouTube blogger who has about 343,000+ followers. Kim Dao shares all kinds of beauty tips including makeup, hair, and other beauty advice with her followers. She reviews the best products and the latest trends in her regularly posted videos. In June 2017, the popular YouTube star shared a video about “The Best Japanese Hair Products” that she was using currently. Learn more:


Kim Dao walks through several products and shows what they are, where they are from, how to save money/find discounts on them, and then talks a little bit about how they worked with her hair when she personally tried them. As she goes through each product she even shows a little bit of herself using some of the products to style her own hair. She highlights some positive and negative aspects of each and every product she is using and discusses how she likes them or doesn’t. She then goes on to discuss which products can be used on wet versus dry hair, and how she recommends to use them. Learn more:

Kim Dao puts out great videos that show the products to customers, where to use them, how to use them, and what the product can do for your hair. It’s very helpful, especially for beginners, to see what kinds of techniques are out there and what products will help work best with their specific hair-type. Kim Dao also shows what products are good for wet versus dry hair to ensure you are using the product at the appropriate time to get the best return for your product!

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David McDonald: The Man Carrying On The Name Of OSI Group

David McDonald is someone who has contributed immensely to the growth of the company that he heads. He is one of the main people responsible for the growth and development of OSI Group, a company that has been in business since 1907. The company has grown massively since its early days to become one of the top processed food manufacturers in the industry. OSI is now a Fortune 500 company and surpasses all its competitors by a mile.

When David McDonald took over as the President and Chief Operations Officer of OSI Group, he had some pretty big shoes to fill and has been able to meet expectations that people have for him and the company. David McDonald has an according to immense amount of knowledge regarding the industry, owing to the numerous years that he has spent working in it, which has made him the brilliant leader to OSI that he is.

Read more: OSI Group Acquires Dutch Company Baho Foods.

One of the reasons why David McDonald OSI Group stands out as such a distinguished leader is because of the immense amount of change that he has brought on to OSI Group. He is the reason why the company has shifted to a more sustainable business and manufacturing model, which is why he is also so highly regarded in the field. Because of his efforts, OSI Group switched to greener production methods which reduce the company’s carbon emissions immensely.

David McDonald is also one of the main reasons why OSI Group has traversed into international waters. When the business was formed, it served as a simple meat shop, which has now turned into a large scale manufacturing business. In the 1970s, OSI entered into one of its biggest deals when it decided to partner with McDonald’s and supply them with meat for all their outlets across America. When David McDonald took over, he decided that it was time for OSI Group to not only supply to McDonalds’ in America, but in numerous other parts of the world. With this in mind, the company set out to set up manufacturing units in countries like China, where it now supplies meat to the McDonald’s’ outlets in some parts of the country.

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Here’s What 2 Fabulous Bloggers Really Think of Fabletics

You’ve probably heard about Kate Hudson’s fitness company Fabletics, but getting the perspective of real women is different. Two popular bloggers took to their laptops to review the company honestly. Turns out, Fabletics’ unique business model of cutting out the middleman provides amazing quality gear at low prices–an idea everyone can get behind! Read on to learn each blogger’s take on one of the most talked-about online retailers today.


A Foodie Stays Fit, a health food and fitness blogger from North Carolina, shared her experience as a Fabletics VIP member. She notes that the quality of the apparel is always high, with soft yet strong fabrics, opaque bottoms, and bottoms that maintain their shape and color over time. She mentions the wide array of styles Fabletics offers, from tanks and leggings in simple colors to fun details like mesh, bold patterns, and cut-outs. As for value for money, this blogger notes that the clothes, especially leggings and tanks, cost over twice as much at comparable retailers, so Fabletics is a steal!


While most retailers are losing business at their brick-and-mortar stores because people are finding better deals online, Fabletics is the opposite. Their reverse showroom techniques build up customer satisfaction and loyalty to the brand by offering good quality items for low prices. As a result, customers flock to their real stores because they know they’re getting the best deal and have the added bonus of seeing the products in person before purchasing.


Another popular blogger, The Krazy Coupon Lady, also reviewed Fabletics. She is obviously all about saving money, so you know this company is an awesome deal. This blogger stresses how great it is that your first outfit is just $25 and after that, no more than $49.95 for outfits curated just for you! Outfits often consist of three pieces (top, bottom, and sports bra), and shipping is always free for VIP members, so you won’t find a better deal for the quality. She finally notes that if you workout a lot or just have a busy lifestyle where you need comfy clothes, Fabletics is a great choice for filling your closet.


When you take their super simple and fun Lifestyle Quiz, Fabletics chooses the perfect clothes and gear for you. Whether you’re an avid runner, a zen yogi, or even a mom on-the-go, they have cute and comfy apparel perfect for your fitness style.

Hussain Sajwani, Making America in the Arab

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of the World’s most famous residential real estate company which is known as Damac Properties. This company was founded back in 2002 and has become one of the main reasons for taking Dubai to a whole different level. Read more: Hussain Sajwani Family | Celeb Family

Hussain pointed out the differences between America and Dubai and wanted to change Dubai and make it look like an  American city located in the Arabic world. He felt the necessity of Apartments in Dubai because he predicted that the whole world would start coming in Dubai for vacations and enjoyment and this would become his way of earning for a lifetime.

Hussain Sajwani is one of the reasons that Dubai has become a glittering destination for the whole world. Hussain is good friends with the current President of the United States of America Donald Trump. Donald Trump and Hussain are not only close friends but also business associates as well. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

Donald Trump’s family is great friends with the Hussain Sajwani family. They  both know each other very well and are really close friends and meet up witheach other on a regular basis.

Donald Trump has often praised Hussain for his amazing co-operation. Donald Trump had to turn down a $2 billion deal by Hussain just because he became the President of America and was no longer willing to invest outside of America.

The Damac owner is famously known for its marketing stunts such as luxury apartments for VIP people and golf courses investment. Hussain owns most of the shopping malls in Dubai and is the chairman of every shopping mall.

Hussain has an experience of working for a food company, so Hussain has outstanding food available in every shopping mall in the food court. Hussain

admits that he has worked for the Americans all over the world for different major companies, but now Hussain focuses on his own company.

Hussain Sajwani always knew that property is the future of Dubai because there were a lot of entrepreneurs who were interested in investing their money in Dubai and everyone thought that this would be the biggest loss ever, but Hussain made them realize that there is no risk and there would be a lot of profit to last an eternity.

Hussain says that Dubai is the desert kingdom and he plans to revolutionize it with the help of the current President of the United States of America Donald Trump by making business deals which would be beneficial for both parties in every way.

NFL Draft and Rookies Impacting Teams

The NFL Draft is quite easily considered a holiday by many players of fantasy football. Incoming fantasy football rookies just might possibly affect a team. So just how might the new mlb lineups affect the upcoming fantasy football teams? Well every NFL team will go into the offseason with a plan of their own to be able to secure at least one or even two game changers come draft day. By having Pre-Draft Rankings, this is the best way to get prepared for Draft Day. List out the preference of players in the order that they are targeted for the fantasy football team. This will help to give quick and also informed decisions during the actual Draft.


Here are some fantasy football rookies and how they just possibly might impact a team:


  1. Leonard Fournette is projected to be as high as fourth to the Jaguars and his value will increase even more if drafted into a possible situation that has a veteran presence on the offense. If Fournette ends up landing in Carolina, his impact will likely be made sooner instead of later.


  1. Mike Williams is the 2017 top ranked receiver. Williams has a chance to score most of his points with red zone targets and by also muscling away the ball from different defenders.


  1. O.J. Howard is a top prospect in the upcoming Draft due to his 106 receiving yards which included a 68-yard touchdown reception. He just may be destined to be a possible top eight to ten selected in fantasy football.

Brian Bonar’s Diversified Career

Brian Bonar is a Scottish financial expert who has held positions in several institutions. Bonar has been the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept since 2010, Chairman of the Board at Daldrada Financial since 1999 and also acting CEO and the CFO of Amanda Company.

Before his current positions, Bonar was the Treasurer, CFO, and Secretary at Amanda, also vice president of Benzier systems’ Worldwide Sales and Marketing from 1991 to 1992. He was also the Global Sales Manager of Adaptech Inc. from 1990 to 1991. Brian has also served in different capacities in many companies including; The Solvis Group, Greenland Corporation, QMS, Allegiant Professional Business Services and Rastek Corporation.

Brian Bonar has been in the financial sector for more than thirty years and being the founder of various enterprises; he has transitioned to a business consultant. During these thirty years, he has managed to amass a lot of knowledge in the business world.

Brian, as the CEO of Dalrada Financial Group, was awarded the Executive of the Year 2010 in the Who’s Who Annual list. This award is given based on the leadership skills, professional achievements, and academic accomplishments.

Some of the skills he has are; process improvement, innovative sales, and marketing strategy, new business development, venture capital funding as well as lead generation.

Brian’s first degree was from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. He later got a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and a doctorate from Stafford University in the United Kingdom. Brian’s career kicked off at IBM where he was a procurement manager.

His role there included outsourcing motherboards for most of the personal computers that were produced and sold by the company. After leaving IBM, he joined QMS where he became the Director of Engineering. In June 1989, Brian joined Rastek Corporation where he became the Vice President sales and marketing.

At Rastek, he helped with marketing and sales of printing technology. After that, Bonar took up a sales manager job at Adaptec. It was after working with Adaptec when he decided to work on his own and in September 1994, he became the founder and CEO of Benzier systems.

His work ethics and dedication to his work made him promoted to vice president of Dalrada’s sales and marketing in April 1994 before becoming the Executive vice president in September 1994. In 1995, Brian became the Director and in 1997, he became the president as well as the COO of Dalrada.

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar rose to Chairman of the Board position in 1999. Dalrada Financial Group has gotten a lot of success by customizing services such as; business process outsourcing, finance, and insurance.

The entity also provides employees from different companies with programs so as to increase their business efficiency. Also, Dalrada Financial Group has offered help to clients in protecting their assets and managing their finances.

Anthony Petrello Builds Successful Companies And Helps Kids

When Anthony Petrello came on board as Nabors Industries President and Chief Operating Officer in 1991, the company was just coming out of bankruptcy. Since the time, he has overseen a revival of Nabors where today it is a leader in the oil and gas drilling industry. The company makes over six billion dollars annually in revenue and employs nearly 27,000 people.

But overseeing Nabors is not the only responsibility Anthony Petrello has. Along with his position as Chairman of the Board for Nabors, he acts as Director of the Board for Texas Children’s Hospital. Petrello’s daughter, Carena, was born with periventricular leukomalacia, or PVL. This is a disease that can affect newborns due to a lack of oxygen or blood to the brain. This makes simple tasks for Carena difficult. In fact, it was’t until she was eight that Carena mastered chewing food. Her condition has led Petrello and his wife to work with the hospital by looking at research projects from around the world that could help treat PVL.

Petrello received both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Mathematics from Yale University, as well as a J.D. from Harvard Law School. Before joining Nabors Industries, Petrello worked at the law firm Baker & Mackenzie from 1979 to 1991, focusing on international arbitration and corporate law.